Emonigma (8+)
A board game that teaches various characteristics of emotions
Emotives (10+)
A "Emotions Detectives" board game looking for clues to find emotion, feeling, or hidden need. It is our most elaborate and intelligent game.
Emobble (6+)
A game of cards and quickly, with 57 cards and 57 "emojis", where any pair of cards has one and one emotion or feeling in common. The game develops the emotional lexicon.
EmoSpin (5+)
A game with fun and rapid cards that explains the symptoms of the 4 basic emotions (joy, fear, sadness, anger).
EmoConv (8+)
A game of cards and quickly, of the genus "Jungle Speed", which explains the steps of nonviolent communication.
Deck of emotions and feelings (5+)
A deck of cards that increases the emotional lexicon, where the 4 suits are the 4 basic emotions.
EmoFlow (6+)
A game of cards and quickly, of the genus "Pepe Quick", which explains the steps of the investigation of emotions: behind each behavior, there is an emotion, an event that provoked it, a thought that interpreted it, and a choice to actin a different way.
Bingo (4+)
The bingo of emotions brings together the famous game with mime of emotions and feelings (9 in preschool, 25 in the 1st cycle). It is free with signature or buying another game: you can unload, print and manufacture at home.
Emotions Poker (12+)
An adaptation of the famous poker game to help teens express emotions.
Emominó (4-8)
The "domino of emotions" teaches three comfortable emotions and feelings (love, joy, pride) and three uncomfortable (anger, fear, sadness).