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Puppets in the playground with the joke 'learn emotions. A puppet. '

O Surfeel It is the only program with videos for socio-emotional learning in the preschool and 1st cycle.

Socio -emotional learning will change their children's lives:

  • Best School Results: Science -based socio -emotional learning programs like ours improve school results at 2 points on 20 (reference);
  • better physical and mental health: Emotional awareness has 27% correlation with physical health and 50% with mental health (reference);
  • less anxiety and depression: Low emotional awareness is one of the risk factors for anxiety (correlation: 32%) and depression (correlation: 40%) (reference);
  • fewer risk behaviors: Socio -emotional learning reduces bullying, school abandonment, violence, drug use, sex, depression, and suicide attempts (reference);
  • fastest learning: Simply name emotions triple the learning speed (reference).

We have 18 sessions ready to use without preparation. Each session has a video, a song, a debate about emotions and a manual activity. You can see a session here.

Most school requests help from the municipality, which purchases the program for the school to use at no cost. You can know more in Page for Municipalities.


Surfeel in a classroom

Surfeel's rhythm and tone is excellent for 4-5-year-olds. Surfeel is a fantastic character with whom children immediately call. Videos are interactive, fun and help children learn and talk about their emotions in a safe and supported way. Videos are calm and educational, and at the same time offer excellent platform to talk about feelings.

My class particularly liked to see Surfeel surfing the waves of emotions and were eager to review the first video as a way to calm down and reflect on their day. Children even wanted to write letters to Surfeel and since then we have used the analogy of emotions to come and come as waves to calm children and help them overcome overwhelming emotions.

~ Alex, 30, a 4-5-year-old teacher in England

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Projeto-piloto gratuito

Propomos um projeto-piloto, gratuito e sem compromisso, em que as educadoras ou psicólogas nas suas escolas implementam o programa através do "site" durante 2 semanas. Para isso, pedimos que:

  1. contactem as escolas para sondar o interesse;
  2. escolham uma data de início do projeto-piloto;
  3. recolham o endereço eletrónico ou telemóvel de quem vai implementar;
  4. nos enviem os contactos e a data para iniciarmos o projeto-piloto.