A 4 -year -old child had leukemia . . .



Once upon a time there was a 4 -year -old boy with leukemia, a serious illness. He went to the Portuguese Institute of Oncology every month to have chemotherapy treatment. He was very afraid of the needles and used to scream and kick in the office when the time came.

Then he saw episode 8, where Surfeel shows that we cannot control events but we can always choose our behavior.

On the next visit, he took a deep breath, said "I can choose" and sat without moving during the bite. I was proud to look at my mother and said, "I did well, I did not. "The mother agreed, very thrilled. The nurses thought it looked like another child. The following month, it also portrayed very well. Even the doctor at the appointment noticed the difference and asked the mother, "the boy grew up and changed a lot, what happened. "

Surfeel was also very thrilled with this story and inspired by this child's character force.

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